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Monday, October 10, 2005


What is your thoughts on the Mayor of a small town in California stopping a speech by threatening to take away funds from the library where the speech was to be given? What are your thoughts on Modesto Library in Modesto, California not letting a person speak and not telling the public the truth as to why?


Blogger Dora said...

I must tell you that my sister had a reading by you, she has a rare form of cancer and the treatments had no effect. Doctors pretty much said she had 8 - 9 months. They encouraged her to try extreme chemo and to be honest, most of the family dreaded her doing that, we want her to have quality life. She opted to do the chemo and had a reading from you in which you told her the "road would be long" but you felt she would, in time, be ok. News flash. Her MRI showed the tumors which were ravishing her, reduced by 40%!!! this chemo did not work the first time, yet she is showing improvement now!!! Yes, the road is long............far from well, but there is hope now!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger psyrt said...

So happy to hear the outcome. All the people reading this will know how much your sister has been going through and how grateful we all are that she is doing much better. Please keep us up to date. Thank you for letting me know. All our prayers.

8:11 PM  

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