I live in California and originally from Philadelphia, Penn.  I do psychic work and enjoy helping people from around the U.S. and other  countries through the phone, in person, or on-line.  I speak about past, present and future, love, health and career advice.  I speak with those who have died or still alive, including pets.  I call myself a psychic counselor, lecturer, advisor and author.  I also speak to your spirit guides and give you their names so that you can speak directly to them.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Value of Life

It is important to know that life is not valued on what we accomplish.
I am sure you heard of people who were the only ones who lived, say from a traffic accident, and they are told that they are still here for a purpose. It puts a lot of pressure on them because they are always looking to find out that purpose, when all along the purpose is just to be.
Because I've been doing this for so long and see what information I get about the future, I feel that we are not given choices, but rather have to endure what we are given to live through, the good and the bad. I am told that we grow more with the bad things. Maybe those are the ones that connect us with each other. The other day, in the morning, a spirit came to me and said that the good things in life stay with us for a certain time, but the bad things in life stay with us forever. I knew what she meant because we laugh and have fun and then go on. It is not like we forget the good times, but it is the times that we have to go through drama in life that makes us sometimes have to start over in some way and then does stay with us. That is to me growth, learning through hardship, learning through the things we must go through and learning through losing things of value, gives us lessons of value. I don't write this in any easy way, since I have things I must go through in life, as we all do.


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