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Monday, May 08, 2006

one form of psychic messages from the spirit world

One form of a psychic message that spirits can use to let you know that they are there is by using the electricity that surrounds us. If a light goes off and on for no apparent reason or the phone rings and no one is there, it can be a message from the spirit world. I know of someone who told me that even years later the light in her deceased husband's office would go on and off. Or a friend told me that her chandelier kept swaying on her dinningroom ceiling for no apparent reason. She didn't feel a wind of any kind. It only happened two times, both right after her brother died. A picture of my friends deceased sister fell to the floor in her bedroom for no apparent reason when she was thinking of what to do for her sister's daughter to help her in her grieving period. All of these things have to do with the electricity around us and the spirit using a lot of energy to make these things happen. Anything happen to you?


Blogger Athen said...

Street lights go off all the time whilst I am driving around, usually when I am heavy in thought or deep in an emotion. No one has passed on in my life recently so I often wonder what that is about. Since I am so focused on my music, it sometimes gives me confusion about what I should be doing. Mostly, I just assume it's my own energy that is so high at the time that it effects the electricity around me. Thanks for the post.
Your friend, Carol

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