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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

haunted house in Manteca and seance

sinetta said...
I live in a house in Manteca-it was a barracks hoe moved from Port Chicago (marin) after the wwII bomb. Lights, tv's come on doors open. Things move around, including toys When we asked it to spin a ball it did. It seems like whoever is here (other than my family) is really nice. My son wants to perform a seance next week could it be dangerous?

The lady spirit doesn't want to leave and doesn't want to hurt anyone. The reason they are there is that they are part of the house in a direct way and they are comfortable there. The best way to let them know that they are wanted is to tell them to have you get dreams of them at night. If this frightens you in any way then just let them know through your mind that they can let you know what they want you to do to help them move on. Tell them that they can stay in the house and that you don't want them to go, but it is best that they look around them in the outside spirit world, see what is there, and come back whenever they want to. That's the way I get spirits to leave houses. I can do that for you from here, but it is best that you do it, or ask me to do it, rather than take it upon myself to do anything without being asked. It is after all their lives as well as yours. Performing a seance could pull in other spirits that you may not want just because they know they can come and you know that they are there. Mostly spirits just want to be heard and move toward the type of people who know that they are there. Write me at: if you would like to hear more. Thank you for writing.


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