I live in California and originally from Philadelphia, Penn.  I do psychic work and enjoy helping people from around the U.S. and other  countries through the phone, in person, or on-line.  I speak about past, present and future, love, health and career advice.  I speak with those who have died or still alive, including pets.  I call myself a psychic counselor, lecturer, advisor and author.  I also speak to your spirit guides and give you their names so that you can speak directly to them.

Friday, May 19, 2006

ghosts and hauntings

Whenever I go to a haunted house to help a spirit leave, there are many ways to deal with the spirit.
  • They may feel alone and need someone who they feel understands them. In that case I talk to them and hear what they have to say and try to help.
  • They may feel no remorse in doing things to the people in the house that they should not be doing, like turning on lights, etc. In that case I call someone in to help escort them out of the house.
  • And sometimes they simply don't want to leave, as in the Whalley House in San Diego, where the lady who lived there, still lives there and is doing no one any harm. I leave them alone.
  • If you have a spirit in your house try to talk to them, even if you can't hear them if they talk back and let them know that you know that they must be there for a reason, but it is time to leave, if that's what you would like. Or post on this blogger and I will try to see what I pick up.


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