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Saturday, November 29, 2008

passing and holidays

Many of you may be familiar with the beginning of my book:
"When my mother Sophie died of a sudden heart attack in her Philadelphia, Pa. home, my own life seemed to end as well. This was not my first experience with death. There had been other deaths. The only grandparent I knew, my mother's mother was gone. Three of my mother's brothers were gone, plus a few close friends and people I worked with. I knew of death. I regarded it as the end of their learning experience on earth, and the end of our learning experience with them. I felt sad for their family and friends, but after a few days I would just get on with living. I will miss you. Good-bye." Of course, it wasn't like that with my Mom.
I have been speaking recently to people who either have faith in that there is an afterlife, or have had first hand experiences. Because of knowing about the other side, when they lose a loved one they are taken aback that sadness and a feeling of lost follows us, and the communication is not as they thought it would be. After their passing it is felt that our loved ones will be with us more, or contact us more. With the holidays coming it makes it harder. Please be patient with yourself and sadness, as our loved ones are still with us, however not in the same way. Know that with time things settle and we understand that the loss means new traditions and feelings that help. Our loved ones are not gone is good to know and also know that they have your love with them as you have their love with you. I always remember too that I will see my Mom and Dad again and they know that I am doing the best I can with all that has been given to me over the year.

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Blogger Enedina Vera said...

Thank you for your thoughts. The holidays are always the hardest for me and many others. I lost so many loved ones during the month of December. I really hate that month. I just want to hypernate until spring.

3:37 PM  
Blogger psyrt said...

I understand your feelings on having to go through holidays without our loved ones. My big month for losing people is February. It is also the month that we have the most births in my family. I always focus in on something I read a long time ago about holidays; make new traditions. As hard as it is, it is something I try to do, sometimes through my tears. Thank you for writing.

10:00 AM  

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