Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mary writes, my experience with Irma.

I heard about Irma through my daughter who was told by a friend who had made an appointment with her.

I first bought her book, which is very interesting, then decided to meet her, so Janis, my two other daughters and myself made an appointment. Personally I was very skeptical and actually just went along for the ride. I had no intention of getting involved.

I was not a believer and at first still wasn't sure. I do believer that she can reach beyond. It is because the answers she gave me could only have come from my husband Bob, who died last year. One experience that stands out in my mind is that when Janis and I were saying goodbye to her, she kinda hurried across the room, grabbed me and said "I love you". We left thinking she must really like me, kinda maybe like her mother. We were really perplexed. When I got home, there was an e-mail waiting that Irma said Mary "that wasn't me, it was Bob's arms around you, she said she could see him coming. It felt to me kinda like the movie "Ghost", but made me very happy, then I understood her actions.

Janis and I had gone alone. We usually do. Bob seems to be her friend, several times he has gone to her with a letter for me. There is so much in it from our past and now that truly helps me with decisions. He says he comes to me duriing my sleep and I believe it because in the morning a thought will come to me that I could never done on my own. He knows about our children and decisions I should make, we have 10, and some are hard for me to deal with.

I find so many things to look for that happen around me, like our electric blanket turning on when I am reading (his side) The lights go on in the middle of the night. An envelope on my computer with no subject and from nobody. That happened a lot after he first died and my son is an expert, plus other people I have asked and not one could explain that. It's blank and you cannot type on that page. It doesn't happen anymore, but I saved them on the computer but if you try to print one it comes out empty. There is so much more, but mainly I want you to know I do believe in what Irma tells me, and I never ever thought anyone could do that. She is a very nice person and I do think she really cares about feelings. As for her writing, it's hard to read so she now types it out for me, but it is very interesting to watch her as she does automatic writing.

I hope I have been of help. The time she said "I love you" that was such an experience. If you only need one, that is the one I would say made me a believer because before that, I just wasn't sure.


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