Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughs from a spirit who has left earth.

From my book, Phases of Life After Death:
I felt alive on earth and that has not left me to this date. I feel stronger than ever and whenever I think of people that I've left I just go visit them. I stay a while and they seem to know I am there. No matter when they come here I'll be ready for them and guide them as my uncle guided me. For what else can we do more important for our loved ones than to be here for them when they review their life on earth?
My life now is still a learning experience and also a teaching experience as it was in my life on earth. We are all one and I hope when I return to earth for a while in another body, I can feel all that I feel now and hold our love as precious and people as a part of us that must go on as we part company. Stand next to a loved one and you will feel what I mean.


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