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Sunday, March 22, 2009

My opinion: Do we choose what we must learn on earth?

I feel that we all come back to this earth to learn and as in school we do not choose what we learn, nor do we choose the teachers who are teaching at our school. I was always told that we are given "homework" and we come to earth to do that work, which entails going through different experiences in life. If we knew why we were here and why we have to learn what we do, we would be on the other side, because once we complete the assignment and pass on, we have the opportunity to go over the tests we went through and get a grade.


Blogger Ivy said...

I think it's all about learning, everything here on earth and elsewhere. I think, as in school, we are assigned lessons but I think I've got greater faith in the wisdom of the lessons assigned. I believe that our progress is slowed, always, by an unwillingness to learn what we should, by refusing the lessons we're assigned. Sometimes the assignments are pretty hard but I have utter faith that there is a lesson in even the most difficult circumstances and that it will be to our benefit to see what we can learn from them.

8:54 AM  
Blogger psyrt said...

I agree that there is a lesson in even the most difficult circumstances and we should look at everything and everyone as a teacher. What part of what I wrote made you feel other wise? Of course, there is wisdom in what is assigned, but for heavens sake, we don't have to like it. I see a lot from different people, and feel their pain to realize that all of us do learn by what we have to go through, even if our lesson is "not" to learn.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read it in the book 'The Laws of Spirit World' that we choose what we must learn or experience on earth before we come on earth while we're in the Spirit World. We have a subconscious mind which is the mind of the spirit body and it's separate from the physical body's mind. This subconscious mind knows what lessons we've to learn but it doesn't let the physical mind know them since subconscious mind of most people is dormant and sleeps, they are unaware of what they have to learn and what wrong they mustn't do. the subconscious mind stops a spirit from doing wrong but sometimes some spirits ignore it's warning and they commit wrong. the subconscious can't bear the spirit doing wrong so it goes to sleep. once it sleeps it doesn't wake up until the spirit's life on earth of committing evil ends. it's explained in the book i mentioned above. the book also mentions that we choose our mothers always before birth and in rare cases even our fathers. People who choose evil mothers also do it for a major reason mentioned in the book.

I live in India and I also read about 'Automatic writing' in this book. I read your blog and site and how you started doing automatic writing while i was searching on detail about Automatic writing on the internet. Can you please let me know how to do it. But in the book, it's said doing it alone without a trained person is dangerous.

12:16 AM  
Blogger psyrt said...

I am not familiar with the book you have mentioned. I always feel that if we all go to a certain place in the world, we all come away with our own interpretation. It is best to rely on your own interpretation and how you feel about the things you have mentioned.
I have been doing automatic writing for a very long time and know that it is a tool used to help those who ask me.

2:50 PM  

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