Irma Slage

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Even a new house can have visiting spirits. Sometimes it is from the land before the house was built. When we lived in Southern California we had a house in Lake Arrowhead, which is in the moutains near San Bernadino. Three indians visited us in our house. It was their land before the house was built. It was a man about 20 and two younger Indians still enjoying the land. It was fun to hear about the neighbors and things about the neiborhood. When we met the neigbors that they spoke of, their view of them was confirmed. They told us about the land and what they had done there in life. Sometimes it is hard to picture in our minds land before houses, but yet that is how growth begins.
Have any experiences with spirits that you want to tell?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

From a private reading

During private readings I use automatic writing to give a letter from a deceased loved one to take home. During one of these session someone wanted a letter for her sister from her deceased Dad. This is a reply from her after she read the letter from her Dad:

"When ______ read the letter from dad she asked if we told you what to write. I said no. Then she started to cry ... because dad would always say "take it easy pal or catch you later pal." Remember, you asked if my dad would use the word pal?"

Our loved ones are never far.