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I live in California and originally from Philadelphia, Penn.  I do psychic work and enjoy helping people from around the U.S. and other  countries through the phone, in person, or on-line.  I speak about past, present and future, love, health and career advice.  I speak with those who have died or still alive, including pets.  I call myself a psychic counselor, lecturer, advisor and author.  I also speak to your spirit guides and give you their names so that you can speak directly to them.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spirits leave home reluctantly.

Sometimes houses hold emotions and spirits who don't want to leave, and make it hard for us to live in the home and later sell it. They sometimes make it impossible for us to sleep and keep a peaceful feeling between people who live in the house. I clean houses, also known as escort spirits out of the house, so that they sell. Maybe it should be cleaned while living there to help our feelings as we go through our time in the home. This is one person's experience to my going through the house with her on the phone. I drew a picture of the house and surrounding area and went through it with my guides while making sure the spirits in the house were made to leave. When a troublesome spirit is in a home, the room that he/she is in looks cloudy. After they leave, the room becomes more clear.

Her experience:
First, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated our conversation yesterday and being part of your cleansing our house that we are trying to sell.

I went to the house yesterday to put the garbage cans back after pickup. I felt a peace as I stood in the driveway and looked at the house. I felt a lightness and freedom about the property I have never experienced before. As I walked up the stairs I noticed it looked like the glass in the door had been washed as it was very clear and almost sparkling. I stood looking through the glass and the closet door right inside was clearer than I had ever seen it. The door was hanging perfectly straight!

We have always had a problem with the key opening and closing the door as we had to juggle the handle to get it to operate. I put my key in the keyhole and it immediately and very smoothly opened with the door opening almost too easily. I went inside, closed the door after me and looked at the door from inside and, yes, it was hanging like a door should hang . I left and locked the door just as easily as I had opened it. I was thrilled and amazed - thank you so much!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Newspaper story

Article about me in the Pleasanton Weekly newspaper