Irma Slage


I live in California and originally from Philadelphia, Penn.  I do psychic work and enjoy helping people from around the U.S. and other  countries through the phone, in person, or on-line.  I speak about past, present and future, love, health and career advice.  I speak with those who have died or still alive, including pets.  I call myself a psychic counselor, lecturer, advisor and author.  I also speak to your spirit guides and give you their names so that you can speak directly to them.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

spirit connection

            This was my experience in the middle of the night.  It was 3:30 in the morning and I saw a blinding light.  It was a surprise to me since my room is darkened.  I noticed that the phone next to my bed was lit up as though a phone call had come in.  The phone did not ring and I felt that it was not someone calling, but a cue from the spirit world that someone needed help.  I saw the phone light flash on and off a couple of times and I asked, through my mind, what they needed.  The message said that they needed help to pass on and that they had all perished in a fire.  There were many of them and I helped them find where they had to go and as the last three spirits left, the phone light blinked three times and then the room was darkened once again. 

            The next morning my husband told me that when he walked in the kitchen the extension to the telephone in the bedroom was blinking as though someone had called.  He picked up the phone to call our answering service to get the message and he heard static on the line.  When he got to the answering machine there was no message on it and more static.  Later that day we noticed that the batteries in our bedroom telephone had to be changed.  The power was drained.