Irma Slage

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

real estate - cleansing of bad energy

Sometimes houses, new and old, hold energy of people who have lived there before, or from the land before houses were built. In that case people who visit houses or do a walk through with the thought of buying the house may feel that is not the house for them without knowing why. The lady writing the below email to me had me do a real estate cleansing, where I walk through the house and stop where there is bad energy. I then cleanse it and wipe the bad energy away from the area. The next day after my cleansing there were three bids on the house where there were none before this, although it had been on the market for 8 months. Three days later the homeowners had to make a decision of who they wanted to sell the house to. This is their email to me:

Hi Ted and Irma, I have to tell you that we had 3 offers in 3 days of your cleansing.THANK YOU!! We already closed, The new people are now enjoying their new house! Thanks again,both of you. Hope all is well with you.Yvonne