Irma Slage

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Aunt Anne's passing

My Aunt Anne died two days ago in Vancouver, British Columbia. I live in California. She is my Mom's sister. I don't remember being on earth without her and since she died at the age of 90 years old, that is more than true. As much as it grieved me, I helped her move on, or at least had the opportunity to talk with her about it spiritually, when she was sick and in the hospital. I left my body and went to her room. She was lying on her back. I held her hand and saw her face clearly. I felt she knew I was there. Days before that I sent a lot of spirits to her hospital bed to comfort her. I didn't want her to die, and wanted her to want to live too. She told her family that she wanted to live. The next day, while walking around my house, I felt her presence. She asked me what I would do about living, if I were her. I told her that I would not want to go back to the nursing home, where she lived. My aunt lived there for many years unable to see any more, broken hips twice, landing her the last time in a wheel chair. I knew that I did not want her back in that condition with the staff treating the elderly like they did not have feelings. I told her that it was time to move on. It was easy to say that when she was with me and her body was still on earth. It was very hard after she died to know that she had to leave us, even at the age of 90 years old. After she died, she came to me and said that I helped her move on and was saddened at first, but knew it could not be any other way. I got her help on the other side and know, from what she told me, that she is doing well, and will continue coming to see me, letting me know if she needs further help. I don't feel she will need more help and will do fine. No matter what happens we all feel her loss though.
My Mother, Sophie's family was a large one. My Grandmother, bless her, had nine children. They were all close in age. When my Mother died many years ago, my aunt told me that my she felt she lost a mother because that was the relationship they had. My Mother was only two years older than my aunt, and the fourth child, and the first female born. She took over all the responsibilities for child care at a very early age.
What amazes me is that while we are living our life, and counting our own birthdays, those who we don't see that often stay young in our minds. Even talking to my aunt on the phone and hearing her voice, I could not, or did not want to, picture her any other way than young.
Now she is on her new journey and I am grateful for it, because she is out of pain and into happiness. She, as others, will always remain in my heart.

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